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Top Way To Build A List And
Make Money From It

Hi friend,

I would like to share with you top ways to start building your list.

Your list is your bread and butter, so you have to learn how to build
your list and how to interact with the people on your list.

Build relationships with your list and always give much more than you
expect to receive.

Here are top ways to build a list:

1.  Email Jv”s
2.  Write articles include
    a) Title
    b) Summery
    c) Content
    d) Bio
    e) Keywords

3.  Traffic from search engines

4.  Solo ads
    a) Newsmax
    b) Ezinesrus
    c) Selfgrowth

5.  Press release, get it syndicated, write about what you release
    a) Prweb

If you do something everyday and repeat these steps, you will have a nice
responsive list before you know it.

To your success,

Charackeristics of Internet Millionaire

Hello everyone,

Here are some tips on being successful on line……

You  want to be successful on line and maybe even would like to be a millionaire.

If you want to be super successful then you must surround yourself
with the right people, people that are successful, people that have money.
You should also get the right training and tools and don’t let opportunity slip
by you.

Here are some characteristics of a millionaire:

1.  Blame versus learn
2.  Take decisive actions
3.  Trust your gut/intuition
4.  Be single focused
5.  Be marketing focused
6.  Education focus
7.  Not afraid to make mistakes
8.  Model and swipe
9.  Build a team

Your business and your life is a mirror reflection of you.

If you want to make income then you sell product and service, but…
if you want to be insanely rich, create and control the market.

To your success,

Free Internet Marketing Tools

Free Internet Marketing Tools

As Internet Marketers we are always looking so som cool free tools to use.
Here is a list of some of the best tools you can get for free. Check out all of these tools and feel free to make a comment and let me know if you have some free tools that you love.

Google Analytics – Probably one of the most important tools you can have as a website owner. This will allow you to track everything about your site. You can see how many visitors you have had, how long they stayed, what site they came from, what site they left on, and so much more. An absolutely essential tool!

Keyword Difficulty Check Tool – When you are trying to figure out which niche to blog about, you can use this tool to check how stiff the competition will be in that niche.

Cam Studio – Free software that lets you record a video of what you are doing on your screen. Remember that video that I made yesterday? I used this program to create it and I didn’t spend a dime to make it. I highly recommend it!.

Comment Kahuna – This is probably the coolest free tool that I have found. Basically you type in a keyword like “internet marketing”, select that you are looking for a WordPress blog, and click go. This will find a ton of blogs that are talking about the keyword you specified. It will also tell you if the blog is Follow or NoFollow and it will give you the blog’s pagerank (how relevant Google thinks it is). You can then go around finding high Page Rank blogs that allow Following and comment on them. This will allow readers of that blog to find your site and it will also make Google think your site is more popular. This is probably the most used traffic generation tool in my arsenal.

The Link Popularity Checker – This will allow you to see how many other sites are linking to your site. You can also compare your site alongside two other similar sites if you’d like. It’s a great way to check what is necessary to climb the ranks of Google.

Open Office – This is like Microsoft Office but free, and in my opinion, better. You basically have programs similar to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. It is great when it’s time to make an ebook because the program similar to Word allows you to save your document as a PDF file (With all of your hyperlinks intact).

Blinkweb – Very similar to Weebly. You can quickly create a website and they will keep it hosted for you.

Picnik – This site allows you to quickly and easily resize images so that they fit better on your webpage.

Weebly – You can use this site to quickly and easily create a free webpage on any topic that you’d like. The web address will end up looking like It’s actually a really great, free, web site creation and hosting tool.

Tweetlater – This site allows you to set up Twitter so that you can autofollow anyone who follows you. It also allows you to schedule tweets. If you are about to promote a new product, you can preschedule a series of tweets about your product and it will post them throughout the day.

BrowserShots – This site lets you see what your website will look like in pretty much any other browser out there. This is an important tool to make sure that your site looks as good to everyone else as it does to you.

FileZilla – The best ftp program out there. This will allow you access to your server’s FTP so that you can manually upload and download files from your server.

Survey Monkey – Create surveys and polls to gather information about users and site visitors. A great tool if you are trying to figure out what your audience really wants.

MindMeister – This is a recently discovered tool for me. You can create mindmaps for any ideas that you might have. Over the last three days, I have created mind maps for every one of my blog posts and I have laid out an entire 18 month business plan. Once you get goin, the mind starts flowin… (I just made that up. Cheesy right?)

Online Stopwatch – It is exactly what it sounds like. I use this a productivity tool. It has a count down timer as well. I set the countdown for 60 minutes of work. When times up, I take a 15 minute break before getting back to it. It’s been amazing for my productivity.

Hope you find these tools useful and if you have some that you love, feel free to post in comments.

I need to give some credit to Matt Wolfe  for this list as well.

Talk soon,



Internet Business By Design
Six Key Factors To Online Success

Hello everyone,

I had a pleasure to be on a call with Alex Jeffreys and Rich Schefren.
Alex is my mentor and Rich Schefren is Alex’s mentor. 

Rich is the guru to the gurus, he made more millionaires on line than anyone else.

When Rich Schefren speaks, you listen and you will always walk away
with a golden nugget or two.

Here is what I learn from Rich to have a successful online business:

1.  Your business should be by design – you must find out what your
    prospects/customers need.  You must know what you want from your
    business and what the purpose of your business is.  Don’t make
    your business model to complicated, the simple model is best.

2.  Your entrepreneurial ability– you must be resourceful, be organized,
    you must posses the ability to systematize your business.

3.  Your ability to learn and apply – you must understand how your brain
    works and train it to speed read, speed listening and apply what you
    learned even if it’s just a fraction of the information.

4.  Your ability to create killer products rapidly – find out what your
    prospects are frustrated with, what problems they need solved and
    what is the pain that they are dealing with. Get good with one format
    and put all your energy in to that one format, don’t try to do them all
    or you won’t get anywhere.

5.  Your ability to partner – the easiest way to get a big players
    attention is to start writing about them.

6.  Your ability to manage – search where others don’t, you must have
    non-negotiable standards, your employee should know what is acceptable
    and what is not.

This is very simple advice, but if you follow it, you will find yourself
being more successful then you thought was possible.

To your success,


Bookmark And Share With One Button

Hi Guys,

I found this cool way to bookmark your social sites.
This is an easy way to bookmark all the sites with one click, every time you
write a new post just hit this button and all your social sites are bookmarked.

Log in to sign up for a free option then come back and
enter user name and password. 

Once you are logged in then sign up for each social site and then
type in your login info and password for each site.

Then click on “save my logins”.

Under website and blogs plugin click and download.

Click on “Click Here to Download Your Action Steps Checklist for

Save to your desktop the file name should be onlywire.

Now log in to your blog click on plugins, add new.  Click on browse and go to
desktop.  Click on onlywire file and click open, click on “install now”.

Click on plugins again click on installed and check “only wire button”
and click on “activate”.

It is done right then you should see  BOOKMARK&SHARE   button under each post.

Every time you post click on that button.  When window opens click on “Bookmark”
and check the boxes that you want to bookmark.

Happy Bookmarking,


Driving Traffic To My Blog
It’s Simple, But Not Easy

Hello Everyone,

Next module in Alex Jeffreys Coaching is learning how to drive
traffic to our blog.

Well this last week I did several things to drive traffic to my blog.

  1. I searched out blogs in my niche and posted comments on them.
     We were told that leaving comments on other people’s blogs should
     bring traffic to your blog.

When you leave a comment be helpful in what you comment on,
not just well its a nice blog and that’s it.

  2. I sent out several emails to lists like “List Joe” and “List Auction”
     I did get a lot of clicks on my link because people earn credits by
     viewing your site. The clicks I got were not targeted clicks and
     only a handful of people signed up for my free Alex report.

  3. I used SEO software to submit one way links.
     That process is very time consuming and I’m not sure how long
     it would take to actually see results.

I spent at least 2 hours submitting my link.

  4. I also have a Directory Submitter Software and I spent several
     hours submitting my link to different directories. Again I’m not
     seeing any traffic from that so far.

I’m very grateful for all the wonderful comments on my blog from the
Alex Jeffreys coaching students.

Alex tells us to do the work now and when everything is set up
the traffic will come.

Just a side note, when you post something on your blog, go to and ping your blog so the search engines can
find your new post.

Happy Trafficking,




Video Marketing – Increase Audience Loyalty


Hi Guys,

Today I would like to talk about Video Marketing. If you would like to know how to

increase audience loyalty and drive leads using videos here are some suggestions.

First thing we must do is sign up for a YouTube Channel and get your

and create your first video and build on top of that.

Here are Maria Andros 8 Steps Video Formula for Success:

1. Welcome, loosen up talk to the camera

2. Establish your credibility as an expert and a leader

3. Create a hook

4. Share your personal background story

5. People do business with people they like

6. Paint the problem

7. Provide a solution

8. Have a call to action

Before you shoot your video make sure that you do your keyword research.

Shoot your video, edit it and add your website as a credit at the end. You can

include your phone number as well as a call to action.

Don’t forget to smile,


Upload WordPress Themes

Hi, I hope you are not feeling to overhelmed and progressing nicely building

your business.

Now that you have your blog set up it’s time to make it look spiffy.

Log in to WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance, click on

Add New Themes from the pull down menu.

Select the options you want, color and how many columns you would

like on your blog, then click on Find Themes.

Once you find a theme that looks good, just click on the Install Link.

You will get a pop-up window with the theme you picked,

click on Install Now.

Now click on the Themes link under the Appearance Menu.

Just click on the picture of the new theme.  Once you see the pop-up

window with the preview, just click on the right corner that says Activate.

Once you get done activating your theme your blog should look like the

theme that you picked.  Take some time and familiarize yourself with

all the buttons that are on your blog.  Have fun blogging.

Talk soon.


Installing Google Analytics on You’r Blog

Hello, how are you doing today?

Now that you installed your plugins I will walk you

through Google Analytics set up.

Go to and

sign up for a free account.

Go through the step by step instructions  in Getting Started Guide.

Install google analytics on your website by getting a HTML code

from google, follow directions on google’s site.

If you installed the Google Analyticator  plugin on your blog,

then you do not have to do anything else.  You can submit as many

websites as you like to have google track your traffic for you.

Remember, stay FOCUSED,  don’t let things distract you from

your task of building a business on line.  We get all kinds of distracting,

enticing emails, telling us of the next greatest thing that’s coming out and

that creates information overload and we just don’t move forward.

I did that for several years and never got anywhere, until I connected

with Alex Jeffereys coaching, now I have a clear picture where I’m going

so those email do not entice me as much as they used to.

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