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Simple Process Of Building A List And….
Make Money From You’r List


Today I will be talking some more about  building your list.

Well to start building your list, you do have think about ways to get traffic…

Seven steps to start building your list:

1.  Create a good eBook
2.  Create a squeeze page
3.  Set it up on autopilot
4.  Market your eBook
5.  Build a list
6.  Nurture your list
7.  Make money from your list

Once you have your squeeze page set up, you will start getting people signing up for your ebook
and now you have their information and you can start cultivating a relationship
with your list.
    a) Show an interest in your list, don’t just try and hard sell them
    b) Create the best subject line you can so your emails get opened
    c) Be personal in your emails and create story line so people
       want to follow along

When you write email’s don’t always try to sell to them, give something for
free, something that has value so your list will trust you.

Remember, always give much more than you expect to receive from them.

In case you wander when is the best time to send emails, well supposedly
Tuesday and Thursday between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is best.

To your success,

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9 Responses to “Simple Process Of Building A List And….
Make Money From You’r List”

  1. Jeanette,

    Hi. My name is Carol Harridge.

    I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to read your Blog.

    I too am a student of Alex Jeffrey’s.

    I love how you have summarised his teachings. You have put everything so succinctly and clear to assist everyone to understand ListBuilding etc.

    Thanks so much.

    I love your Blog layout and find the content to be most informative.


    Carol Harridge
    .-= Carol Harridge´s last blog ..22. Falling Down, Getting Up! – Not Giving Up! =-.

  2. Trevor Jones says:

    Hi I’m Trevor
    Twiter ID: Trevor_T_Jones
    I am a student of Alex Jeffreys I have been looking around at fellow students blogs and came across yours. Definitely one of the best. I felt I had to leave a comment because your blog is simply, so inspirational and informative, It has given me hope and ideas to better mine.
    It is so clean and fresh looking. I am always worried I overdo it myself, to much content you know. Your blog is just right. I would appreciate if you would pass comment on mine just to confirm I haven’t overdone it. On my blog I am doing a theme on successful internet marketers. Really like to know what you think as I am pretty new to all this layout stuff. I hope one day that I can write about your internet success. Keep up the good work
    Rgds Trevor
    PS my blog
    Hey maybe we could follow each other on twitter.

  3. Paul Lear says:

    Hey Jeanette,

    I’ve just tagged you in the ’25 things you should know about…’ blog game that we’ve got going on.

    You can see my 25 things about me and get an idea of what to do by visiting and reading my latest blog post –

    Now it’s your turn to tell us some more about yourself. 🙂

    If you could leave me a comment on my 25 things, that would be great.

    Take care,


  4. jcfitz says:

    Hi Paul,
    You caught me off guard, I’m going to have a tough time coming up with 25 things about myself.
    I will come up with a list because it is nice to read more about your fellow students.


  5. jcfitz says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your positive comments.
    I appreciate all the input I’m getting.

  6. jcfitz says:

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving positive comments.

    Your comments inspire me to do better, knowing that some people do enjoy what I post.

  7. Brian says:

    Great article on list building. It is getting easier to spot the Alex Jeffreys students online. Keep on bloggin.
    .-= Brian´s last blog ..The Journey begins =-.

  8. Any tutorials out there how to become expert in List Building ?”*,

  9. jcfitz says:

    Hi Andrea,
    If you are interested in learning more on List Building go to
    you will find wealth of information on list building.

    Good Luck,

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