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Installing Plugins on our WordPress Blog


Now that you have your domain name picked out and hosting set up, it’s time to set up your WordPress blog.


The reason we are using WordPress is because it’s on your domain and your hosting account so now it belongs

to you. I also recommend that you purchase your domain from one company and your hosting from another.

You will be pretty safe if one of them would get shut down.

Ok,  so now you have a hosting company with a cpanel, so log in to your cpanel and look for a blue smiley face

(Fantastical), click on that icon and you are able to upload your WordPress with one click.

Now you name your blog, something that is relevant to the purpose of you blogging.

Installing plugins is next, by having plugins your blog will be much more efficient.

Just log in to your blog dashboard and click on plug in menu on the left side, drop down will open then you

click on add new, add name of the plugin and click install, once installed just click the link to activate it.

1. Google HML Sitemaps – helps Google to find your site

2. Post Plugin Library – this plug in is necessary if you want Popular Posts Plugin and Related Posts Plugins to work.

3. Askimet – spam blocker

4. CommentLuv – promotes commenting on your site, people that comment will get a link back to their latest blog post.

5. Google Analyticator – this plug in keeps track of your traffic and once you set up your account with Google Analytics

this plug in will activate automatically, no need to install codes.

6. Platinum SEO Pack – this will help you with the search engines, they will notice you fast.

7. Popular Posts – this puts a side bar widget on your blog that lists your most popular posts.

8. Sociable – this plugin puts icons at the bottom of your post so people can promote your site to their favorite Web 2.0 site.

9. WP To Twitter – this links your blog to Twitter, every time you make a post it sends a link to Twitter.

10. Yet Another Related Posts – it puts a list of related posts at the bottom of each individual post.

Once you install all the plugins you will want to make your blog look pretty, my next post will be on how to install themes

for your blog.

One tit bit for this blog post, I came across a cool site on that website you can create a

signature that looks like a handwritten signature. If you always wandered how they did that, well take a look

 at that site and get your own signature, and it’s free.

Marketing Tips-Gravatar

 Greetings, hope you are well…

Assuming you are busy with setting up your business, I will be quick and to the point today.

First of all by now you know that I belong to Alex Jeffereys coaching group and interact with

a bunch of great people in the forum.  By doing that I find so much information and tips as to

where to go and get cool stuff.

One cool thing that I will share with you today is: how to add your picture to other people’s

WordPress blogs—–automatically.

You need to log in to and upload a picture of yourself and attach that

picture to a preferred email address of yours…every time you place a comment on someone

else’s blog using that same preferred email address, your picture will be displayed there too.

Another thing, I just came across Rich Shefren’s post, if you don’t know who he is, well he

is the guru to the gurus and paying attention what Rich says, well it’s smart.

Well Rich just wrote a post on Billy Mays style of marketing, he even did a split test

on marketing different styles to the public, in any case if you get a chance have a read,

you will be glad you did.

Here is an PDF copy of the post:

Time To Take Action

Host Gator Hosting

Host Gator Hosting

Greetings, how are you doing today? 

I would like to share with you the next step in the business building process, so here we go….

Now that you have your plan of action mapped out, it’s time to take action on building your business.

1. Pick a domain name for your blog and register it

2. Arrange hosting for your domain

3. Update your name servers to your hosting company

4. Set up your email account

Once you have all that set up I will walk you through setting up your Word Press Blog show you how

to install all the plugins to monetize your blog.

Don’t procrastinate, make sure you take action even if you only accomplish one thing per day, go get them…..

 “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” Dale Carnegie

Getting Back To Basics

Greetings everyone..

Well this is my first post in my new blog. I have been trying to make a living on line for some time now.

After several attempts to make it on my own I decided to look for a coach. Well I found a golden nugget, his name is

Alex Jeffreys. After reading Alex’s new e-book “Newbies Nightmare”, I knew that he was the one that I wanted to

learn from. He was opening his second coaching program and I was able to sign up.

Our first coaching session went on for 4 hours, Alex stayed on the phone till the last question was answered.

He was teaching about going back to basics:

1. Organizing ourselves

2. Starting a daily journal to login progress

3. Plan each day’s tasks using the daily did sheets

4. Write out your Pledge

5. Plan tomorrow, today

He stressed the importance of planning your personal, entrepreneur and business goals.

Most of all take action, no matter how small it might be, but just take action and don’t wait till you have it perfect.

Your mindset should be of building an online business to provide value to others. Well I hope you enjoyed this post

I will post new information as I learn it from Alex, and remember FOCUS.

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