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Marketing Tips-Gravatar

 Greetings, hope you are well…

Assuming you are busy with setting up your business, I will be quick and to the point today.

First of all by now you know that I belong to Alex Jeffereys coaching group and interact with

a bunch of great people in the forum.  By doing that I find so much information and tips as to

where to go and get cool stuff.

One cool thing that I will share with you today is: how to add your picture to other people’s

WordPress blogs—–automatically.

You need to log in to and upload a picture of yourself and attach that

picture to a preferred email address of yours…every time you place a comment on someone

else’s blog using that same preferred email address, your picture will be displayed there too.

Another thing, I just came across Rich Shefren’s post, if you don’t know who he is, well he

is the guru to the gurus and paying attention what Rich says, well it’s smart.

Well Rich just wrote a post on Billy Mays style of marketing, he even did a split test

on marketing different styles to the public, in any case if you get a chance have a read,

you will be glad you did.

Here is an PDF copy of the post:

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5 Responses to “Marketing Tips-Gravatar”

  1. Norm says:

    Hi Jeanette
    Nice blog, love the the header. Also thanks for the tip about I wondered how people got their picture to show on their blog comments.
    I just went and signed up and added my gravatar image. Let’s see if it shows up.

    .-= Norm´s last blog ..HTML Editor =-.

  2. Hi Jeanette,

    Nice to see you up and running.
    Yes – Gravatars are a really good idea so you can see who people are and start to recognize them,


    .-= Keith Purkiss (Alex Jeffreys Student)´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Coaching – Creating A Product In 7 days. =-.

  3. David Walker says:

    Hey Jeanette,

    David here – a fellow student on Alex Jeffreys’ coaching.

    I am a big fan of Gravatars. If you utilise them with the same image you use on other social media platforms such as Twitter it’s a great way to brand your image online.

    Keep in touch.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..Progress Update 24 July 2009 =-.

  4. Paul Wilson says:

    Hey Jeanette,

    Great post, I will also be heading over to check out the pdf in just a minute.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, your picture displayed just fine as per your post 🙂

    I have subscribed to your RSS feed to keep my eye out for some more great tips 😉

    Keep in touch

    .-= Paul Wilson´s last blog ..Progress This Week with Module 3 =-.

  5. richard says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Gravatar …..i wondered how it was done.
    Mines all done now see you in the forum

    .-= richard´s last blog ..Call me a fool…Traffic =-.

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