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Internet Business By Design
Six Key Factors To Online Success

Hello everyone,

I had a pleasure to be on a call with Alex Jeffreys and Rich Schefren.
Alex is my mentor and Rich Schefren is Alex’s mentor. 

Rich is the guru to the gurus, he made more millionaires on line than anyone else.

When Rich Schefren speaks, you listen and you will always walk away
with a golden nugget or two.

Here is what I learn from Rich to have a successful online business:

1.  Your business should be by design – you must find out what your
    prospects/customers need.  You must know what you want from your
    business and what the purpose of your business is.  Don’t make
    your business model to complicated, the simple model is best.

2.  Your entrepreneurial ability– you must be resourceful, be organized,
    you must posses the ability to systematize your business.

3.  Your ability to learn and apply – you must understand how your brain
    works and train it to speed read, speed listening and apply what you
    learned even if it’s just a fraction of the information.

4.  Your ability to create killer products rapidly – find out what your
    prospects are frustrated with, what problems they need solved and
    what is the pain that they are dealing with. Get good with one format
    and put all your energy in to that one format, don’t try to do them all
    or you won’t get anywhere.

5.  Your ability to partner – the easiest way to get a big players
    attention is to start writing about them.

6.  Your ability to manage – search where others don’t, you must have
    non-negotiable standards, your employee should know what is acceptable
    and what is not.

This is very simple advice, but if you follow it, you will find yourself
being more successful then you thought was possible.

To your success,


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5 Responses to “Internet Business By Design
Six Key Factors To Online Success”

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  2. David Walker says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Unfortunately I cannot round up such a volume of information as succinctly as you and am writing a series of blog posts based around the content Rich spoke about the other week!

    It was a great webinar, though and I am glad you got a lot out of it!

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..Six Success Factors – Setting Up an Online Business =-.

  3. Rob Canyon says:


    I don’t think you could have said it more clearly… Great post.

    I for one have a hard time keeping it simple.

    Maybe its the guy in me that has a hard time multi-tasking.

    But its certainly something I’ve go to work on.

    AJ and RS’s call was totally awesome.

    Talk soon,

    .-= Rob Canyon´s last blog ..How to Get Your Alexa Ranking to Drop like a Rock… to Increase Your Popularity. =-.

  4. I wasn’t on the Cole, but from reading your blog post I got so much good information sound up in bullet points that I’m really happy I found your blog post.

    From the list view wrote down, I’m best at systematizing things. This sure saves a lot of time and effort.
    .-= Narek Gabrielyan´s last blog ..Real Time Updates: =-.

  5. I see your blog changes the header every time I refresh the site. That’s pretty cool!
    .-= Narek Gabrielyan´s last blog ..Real Time Updates: =-.

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