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Installing Google Analytics on You’r Blog

Hello, how are you doing today?

Now that you installed your plugins I will walk you

through Google Analytics set up.

Go to and

sign up for a free account.

Go through the step by step instructions  in Getting Started Guide.

Install google analytics on your website by getting a HTML code

from google, follow directions on google’s site.

If you installed the Google Analyticator  plugin on your blog,

then you do not have to do anything else.  You can submit as many

websites as you like to have google track your traffic for you.

Remember, stay FOCUSED,  don’t let things distract you from

your task of building a business on line.  We get all kinds of distracting,

enticing emails, telling us of the next greatest thing that’s coming out and

that creates information overload and we just don’t move forward.

I did that for several years and never got anywhere, until I connected

with Alex Jeffereys coaching, now I have a clear picture where I’m going

so those email do not entice me as much as they used to.

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4 Responses to “Installing Google Analytics on You’r Blog”

  1. Gene says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Great advice. I am seeing from your blog how far I need to go to get mine to where I need it to be. I had not even thought of some of the marketing my fellow students have been doing. I liked your plug-in post as well. And I do find it hard to stay focused (oh look, a beach!).

    Thanks for your advice.

    A fellow Alex Jeffreys student
    .-= Gene´s last blog ..Everything I know I learned from “Pinky and the Brain” =-.

  2. Hi Jeanette,
    thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I hope things are going well for you,
    That’s interesting point you brought up about opt-in for
    Alex free ebook.

    My reasoning for not not putting optin there
    was, if you click image you go to page with optin.
    it looks like some have optin there or some have optin when you click
    image. I’ll have to ask around and see what is best.

    To your success,
    Rich C.

  3. David Monk says:

    Hello Jeanette
    Just hopped over tosee how your blog is doing. Everyone’s is different and yet I manage to find something new. I replied to this because with your installation of Google Analytics you have a Unique Visitor counter and wondered how you installed that.
    I installed the Google Analytics plugin to my site but I don’t have a counter. I don’t know what advantage there is to letting your visitors see it.
    It is amazing going to the Google Analytics dashboard; the amount of information it gives you about traffic to your site is tremendous.
    I hope to come visiting again,
    .-= David Monk´s last blog ..Module #3a – a Bonus Module =-.

  4. Hi Jeanette,
    I thought I would stop by your blog,
    Google Analytics is important, in that if you dont know
    where traffic is coming from, how do you improve your
    traffic tactics.

    Keep up the good work.

    talk soon,
    to your success,
    Rich Cardarelli
    .-= Rich Cardarelli´s last blog ..How to Build a Relationship =-.

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