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Free Internet Marketing Tools

Free Internet Marketing Tools

As Internet Marketers we are always looking so som cool free tools to use.
Here is a list of some of the best tools you can get for free. Check out all of these tools and feel free to make a comment and let me know if you have some free tools that you love.

Google Analytics – Probably one of the most important tools you can have as a website owner. This will allow you to track everything about your site. You can see how many visitors you have had, how long they stayed, what site they came from, what site they left on, and so much more. An absolutely essential tool!

Keyword Difficulty Check Tool – When you are trying to figure out which niche to blog about, you can use this tool to check how stiff the competition will be in that niche.

Cam Studio – Free software that lets you record a video of what you are doing on your screen. Remember that video that I made yesterday? I used this program to create it and I didn’t spend a dime to make it. I highly recommend it!.

Comment Kahuna – This is probably the coolest free tool that I have found. Basically you type in a keyword like “internet marketing”, select that you are looking for a WordPress blog, and click go. This will find a ton of blogs that are talking about the keyword you specified. It will also tell you if the blog is Follow or NoFollow and it will give you the blog’s pagerank (how relevant Google thinks it is). You can then go around finding high Page Rank blogs that allow Following and comment on them. This will allow readers of that blog to find your site and it will also make Google think your site is more popular. This is probably the most used traffic generation tool in my arsenal.

The Link Popularity Checker – This will allow you to see how many other sites are linking to your site. You can also compare your site alongside two other similar sites if you’d like. It’s a great way to check what is necessary to climb the ranks of Google.

Open Office – This is like Microsoft Office but free, and in my opinion, better. You basically have programs similar to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. It is great when it’s time to make an ebook because the program similar to Word allows you to save your document as a PDF file (With all of your hyperlinks intact).

Blinkweb – Very similar to Weebly. You can quickly create a website and they will keep it hosted for you.

Picnik – This site allows you to quickly and easily resize images so that they fit better on your webpage.

Weebly – You can use this site to quickly and easily create a free webpage on any topic that you’d like. The web address will end up looking like It’s actually a really great, free, web site creation and hosting tool.

Tweetlater – This site allows you to set up Twitter so that you can autofollow anyone who follows you. It also allows you to schedule tweets. If you are about to promote a new product, you can preschedule a series of tweets about your product and it will post them throughout the day.

BrowserShots – This site lets you see what your website will look like in pretty much any other browser out there. This is an important tool to make sure that your site looks as good to everyone else as it does to you.

FileZilla – The best ftp program out there. This will allow you access to your server’s FTP so that you can manually upload and download files from your server.

Survey Monkey – Create surveys and polls to gather information about users and site visitors. A great tool if you are trying to figure out what your audience really wants.

MindMeister – This is a recently discovered tool for me. You can create mindmaps for any ideas that you might have. Over the last three days, I have created mind maps for every one of my blog posts and I have laid out an entire 18 month business plan. Once you get goin, the mind starts flowin… (I just made that up. Cheesy right?)

Online Stopwatch – It is exactly what it sounds like. I use this a productivity tool. It has a count down timer as well. I set the countdown for 60 minutes of work. When times up, I take a 15 minute break before getting back to it. It’s been amazing for my productivity.

Hope you find these tools useful and if you have some that you love, feel free to post in comments.

I need to give some credit to Matt Wolfe  for this list as well.

Talk soon,


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