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Bookmark And Share With One Button

Hi Guys,

I found this cool way to bookmark your social sites.
This is an easy way to bookmark all the sites with one click, every time you
write a new post just hit this button and all your social sites are bookmarked.

Log in to sign up for a free option then come back and
enter user name and password. 

Once you are logged in then sign up for each social site and then
type in your login info and password for each site.

Then click on “save my logins”.

Under website and blogs plugin click and download.

Click on “Click Here to Download Your Action Steps Checklist for

Save to your desktop the file name should be onlywire.

Now log in to your blog click on plugins, add new.  Click on browse and go to
desktop.  Click on onlywire file and click open, click on “install now”.

Click on plugins again click on installed and check “only wire button”
and click on “activate”.

It is done right then you should see  BOOKMARK&SHARE   button under each post.

Every time you post click on that button.  When window opens click on “Bookmark”
and check the boxes that you want to bookmark.

Happy Bookmarking,


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